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Monday, 22 October 2012

It is very sad, the women power is not realized in our country still. Perhaps, the women themselves are not taking it seriously, hence, they are highly suppressed here.

It is a shame for every Indian on this point.

Gandhiji once mentioned, “let us not be proud that we got Independence for our country. We can be happy only when a woman walks in the street alone at 12 midnight without any fear”.

New Delhi is branded Rape Capital of India. What is happening in Haryana for the past 2 months ? Can we be happy on all such incidents take place in our country ?

What are our great leaders doing at this ? Is it not their duty to take some firm action on the culprits and criminals ? If the action is not taken, such crimes will be happening.

At this point I sincerely wish to mention, these women folk should not wait for the Governments to come forward to bring an amendment in Assembly or Parliament. It is unfortunate that the State or Central Govt has not taken it seriously, hence, they won’t bother to bring any rule or amendment.

Then, who has to act ?

It is the women of our country to be blamed; it is the women of country who have to act. They themselves should know to protect themselves, there is no other go for them. It is India where they are living, they should not forget.

The women should learn a martial art in their school life itself and it is the school should feel it is their very duty to teach a martial art for girl children to protect themselves in this kind of society.

The Government should order all the Educational Institutions in India to teach a martial art to all the girl children. It should be made mandatory in schools. If girl children are taught such, surely the crime rate will come down. Please read the following small good story which inspired me very much.

In a village, a girl who was 14, had to cross daily a big play ground to go to a school; she normally used to go along with her 2 friends. Often a few boys were teasing these girls and the girls without caring, were going to school. These girls have not taken this teasing matter seriously. All the days are not same, of course. One day, unexpectedly, her both the friends could not accompany her to school due to some personal reasons. This girl alone had to go to school, she never bothered on it. When she was crossing the big play ground, three boys came across and knowing that she was alone, started to tease her a lot; the girl had warned the boys initially; but the boys were not in a mood to care her warning; they were crossing a limit. This girl repeatedly and gently warned them in the beginning, but no use. Just she grabbed a boy’s shirt and slapped heavily on his and back; also by going a little back, with a fiery fist, she rushed forward and kicked two boys with a force on their stomach. The boys never expected this strong attack from this girl and they fell down heavily. One boy was screaming with stomach pain and another one was bleeding from his mouth. Immediately the boys got up and started to run away from the scene. The girl silently left the place for her school, with confidence. This girl knew a martial art; she was lucky, the school where she studied has taken care of the girl children and their safety. How many schools do you think in this way today, in India ?

There are many women stalwarts in India today. Through this platform, I request them to come forward to think over the safety of the girl children in India and give guidelines to the Governments accordingly.

It is very pity that a top politician in Haryana saying to perform marriages at young age will solve the ‘rape’ problem in our country. Another Minister at Centre says to prevent mosquito biting asking every student to wear full pants. Is this the way really help us ? To give these golden suggestions, have we sent them to Assembly and Parliament ? What a shame!


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