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Sanathkumar Foundation

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Organic Farming

in Kaveripattinam

​Mr. Sanathkumar believes agriculture is the backbone of our country and it should be celebrated as our culture. A part of the school is dedicated to organic farming in neat & organized blocks, where students from the age of 10-18 learn to sow, care and harvest in their slotted hours. They grow vegetables, herbs and certain other local crops, depending on seasons and soil fertility. The harvest is sold in the school and the sale and the income is managed by students, where they learn to invest the money in seeds, or equipment. 

Organic manure is also prepared by them and they are made to accomplish all these with only an allotted amount of water. This is intended to emphasize the value of eating healthy, empowering the next generation in making farming part of their life, showing organic farming can be profitable and teaching the essential skills of team work and money management from a young age. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, came all the way to this rural school to inaugurate the organic farm, in a way to applaud and encourage this practice.

Earth & Education
making children healthy 

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