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Sanathkumar Foundation


We are all a part of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" - the entire world is one big family. We constantly endeavor to contribute to the world everything it needs to prosper, flourish and rejuvenate.

We believe the best way to do that is by empowering and nourishing the younger and the older generation of our society.

Our string of services and products are aimed at building an amazing world of possibilities and opportunities.

Scope of work & Objectives

  • Educational Services (Educational consultancy for schools, educating school drop outs, career counselling and designing & implementing co-curricular activities for Govt. School children, Soft skills training for school/college students & working professionals, special education for differently-abled children)

  • Community Service (Handicraft workshops, organic farming shops, etc.)

  • Social Service (Cleanliness campaign, making public spaces disabled friendly, etc.)

  • Public awareness programs (Organic exhibitions and workshops for public, etc.)

  • Program for Senior Citizens (Active and wholesome living for seniors where they can be actively involved in teaching, organic farming and administrative services)

  • Free Medical Services for rural people

  • Organic Farming – as a fun curriculum for budding children at schools, as an engaging activity for adolescent children, as a resourceful profession for college students, an essential practice and a necessary knowledge for everyone. 

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