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Sanathkumar Foundation

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Sanath Kumar C. D. (05-FEB 1952) is an Indian educationist, author and philosopher. He was raised in a town called Krishnagiri in India. At the age of 2, Mr. Sanath Kumar had a polio attack and lost strength in the left side of his body. While recuperating at a famous hospital in Bangalore, a wrongly administered electric shock treatment made his disability permanent. Later years of his life kept him and his family toiling with various kinds of treatment. Everything went in vain and made him to move on a wheel chair.

This unfortunate situation prevented him from having formal education. As he was continuously under one or the other treatment in many places for the next 20 years, he could not be sent to school. Pushed to his wheel chair, he educated himself through continuous support by his parents and family friends. He grew by developing his reading skills through newspapers and books available at home without any plan.

At the age of 18, he started Kumar & Kumar Typing Institute at Krishnagiri. This institute thrived successfully for 17 years with around 3000 trained and qualified youth not only in typing but also in spoken English, Soft skills and Leadership Qualities.

His keen interest in cricket made him to launch a Cricket club at Krishnagiri in the name of Sir Gary Sobers. He also founded the Dharmapuri Cricket Association and continued as a Secretary for 10 years.

Since childhood, Mr. Sanath Kumar developed a passion for sketching, painting and abstract art. His paintings are regularly exhibited, and the proceedings are dedicated to an Old age Home.

Mr. Sanath Kumar is now pursuing his childhood dream of running schools. He is the founder of a novel line of educational institutions called Cambridge Schools in Krishnagiri district (3 schools), where children learn stress free education, focusing on contributing to the society through a purposeful and happy life. 

He has also created a beautiful haven for senior citizens in a lush atmosphere, where he has designed an exciting life for retired people where they actively involved in teaching, farming, managing small industries among other things.  

A Biopic of Mr. Sanath Kumar was directed by Director Vasanth Sai and it won the National Award for the Best Short Documentary of the year 2017.

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