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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Last week Sachin has given in an interview, said that he would play till he loves the game. In an another occasion he said others need not give him any advice on his retirement.

Is it correct on your part to think such, Sachin ?

You are playing cricket, I think right from you were 3 year old kid. Fine ? Today you are around 40. Surely you will like to play even at the age of 80 or 90. But do you really want to play cricket for India even at that age ?

You have achieved enough. It is very difficult for others to touch your milestones. Not only Indian but cricket fans throughout the world enjoyed your batting and appreciating your batting technique and they simply loved, not only the fans but also eminent players. As a batsman, you have achieved maximum and make India very proud.

What do you want more than this ? Tell me consciously, can you give us the same excellent innings what you gave us and India some ten years ago ? It is not your mistake, you must accept you are becoming old and you surely cannot give us beautiful batting again. The BCCI has not so far dropped you from the side, but can you take advantage of it ? I failed to understand why the BCCI has not come forward to advise you to take rest as the same BCCI has done it in many palyers’ cases hundreds of times. I still remember the BCCI and the Selection Committee have not given enough chances to many players in India to show their mettle. Many players were shown the doors when they failed to perform continuously for 2 or 3 times.

But, the BCCI is very calm and quite now in your case and in your case alone, I am really surprised and wondered. Dravid and Lakshman still can produce great innings, but what they did, please note. Can you play as long as you love to play ? What is the log behind it ? Please think about the spectators and your great fans. Take the examples the Australian Cricketers set. When they are at peak form, they retire. Are you not impressed by them ?

You might have seen hundreds of cricketers don’t hang their boots till they are sent out or dropped out. Are you falling in that category ? Do you expect the BCCI to drop you ? Should it happen to you? I will be sad if it happens to you, Sachin. Apart from this, you know about the craze of cricket in India. There are plenty of cricketers upcoming very fast in India. Many are there to take prime spots in Indian cricket team. People, who are aged, done enough for the country, played enough number of games / Tests for India should realize that their time has come. Otherwise, we are depriving the opportunity for many youngsters. Country is great than the individuals and their records.

When you struggle to bat even against the weak team today, we feel really pity on you. That too, you don’t come as an opener; to facilitate you, your captain makes sufficient room for you to send you down the order. Still you are unable to score runs, against average bowlers and in home pitches. Do you need to play even in such a way ? We, your good fans really don’t want this situation for you. You please think about your fans. We want to remember you always in a glorified manner. Even in your last innings, you should have sparkled.

It is really a high time for you to hang your boots, encourage the youngsters and help Indian Cricket.

I hope you would surely take my suggestion positively.


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