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Monday, 6 August 2012

The recent incidents of school buses, accidents and deaths of children make everyone very sad. For this, all should think about the steps which we have to take. It is not the time for blame game. Everyone is involved in this crime. Just you cannot single out anyone. My humble view is, let the school administration concentrate only on imparting a good education. Let us not give any transport facility for public and it is not our duty also. See what Govt. schools do, are they plying buses and vans for their schools ? No, still thousands of students go and study even today. What is the real necessity for private school people to ply vehicles up to the student's doorsteps ? My dear good school friends, please think it over. Very few of us know about the vehicles and their drawbacks.

My dear good school friends, please think it over. Very few of us know about the vehicles and their drawbacks.

See another case, a lorry hit the child a few days ago and the child died on the spot. Public chase the lorry, beat the driver and set the lorry on fire. Same thing happened to school buses also. The Correspondent and his sons are put into jail in some other school case.

Actually it is very difficult for school management to maintain the transport. It is too much for schools; I know how much pressure it gives to the Principals / Correspondents in day to day life till the children reach home in the evening. Do we need this kind of mental torture ?

If we give better education, surely parents will bring the children by themselves, let us not worry too much. Our health is also important one, will you accept it ? Ours is a thankless job, isn't it ?


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