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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I am very much upset on match fixing in cricket. It has become often a news in the recent times. I am an ardent fan of Sir Gary Sobers of West Indies; whenever Sobers visited Chennai, I was informed and I used to go there, spent some time with him. I am the Founder Secretary for Dharmapuri Dist. Cricket Association for 10 years; I was also running a Cricket Club in the name of Gary Sobers. I was one of the active members in conducting Tamil Nadu / Karnataka Ranji matches three years. I can neither bowl nor bat, due to my disability, that is a different story. But I simply love cricket. As a cricket lover, I feel so bad about this match fixing. Even today, 6 umpires’ names (Srilanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan) have been published and they have been removed from the Panel of Umpires also, by ICC.

How can we do anything for the sake of money? That too in Sports and Games ? What a shame ! It seems people losing faith in their hard and sincere work.

We see the local Matches and Tournaments, there are lot of chances to rig; a player can involve and even an umpire can involve to change the fate of the game. The organizers should be very careful and it is their duty to conduct the Matches in a very good manner.

We encourage the Sports to see the mental and physical stature to be well balanced among us. When the children play, they will taste success and failure simultaneously. It will teach them how to take everything in a balanced way and to move further with great zeal. Some bad elements enter into the Sports and misleading the people to make quick money today. A few people are tempted to go in a wrong path and finally they get very bad name, bringing the game to a new low and also the players’ life is doomed. For these people’s mistakes and greed, the image of the entire country is spoiled.

Who will check or who can check such worst happenings? For everything, can you wait for Govt to act ? It is not their work to correct us always; we need self discipline.

No doubt, the ICC at international level should take stubborn action on it. If the ICC feels it is difficult to look into these very deeply, it should not allow the Matches to be played. I won’t mind much even if the players or umpires gain some amount in a bad way, but, I am much worried about the fans and game lovers whose innocence, interest and most precious time are exploited.

If next month match is already fixed by some goons at lodges, why should it be played at all ? The matter can be over across the table without going to ground, without playing, without uniform and without wasting the time of lakhs of game lovers, fine ?

Why such huge stadiums, why practice sessions, why staying in a posh hotels, colourful uniforms if the game is fixed ? If timely action is not taken by the authorities concerned, no spectator will be there to go to ground to watch the game and these umpires or players once for all quit the game and go to some offices to take 9 to 5 job.

ICC, please wake up at once, otherwise, we have bow our heads before the statue of Bernard Shaw who is laughing at us today.


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