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Life without power

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Everyone knows the condition of electricity in Tamil Nadu for the past 3 years. There may be 1001 reasons from the Government side for this, but at the end of the day the public only suffering. Let us not have a blame game, it is a waste of time.

My view is different. Last week I was in Chennai for a few days. They are getting only 2 hours power cut for a day. I have seen the city in the evenings there, they enjoy 100% power, every Marriage Hall is highly illuminated, name boards are glittering, all the cinema halls are functioning without any problem, 100% street lights are on, the company hoardings are shining in the night, throughout.

Really I could not digest this scenario, because I am hailing from a small town, Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu, could see the worst power situation in and around small towns like ours. We don’t know when we get power and when the power goes off in our day to day life. No one can do any work with a plan as at any time the power would go off. We live in dark. No one bothers to give power to the people. Whenever they wish, the EB people give power to us. But, they have fixed a date, if we don’t pay the EB bill on that day, they have all the powers in the world to take off the fuse carrier from our homes. We are the consumers and paying money for electricity, but we don’t have anything to say on it. Just, we have to shut up our mouths.

Almost all the small industries are shut; the business and manufacturing units have come to stand still. The people who are living with daily wages, blinking for next day’s food.

Some people have generators at their shops and homes and many don’t have this facility too. In this situation, how the students would study at their homes, one feels a lot. To whom we have to take up the matter, I don’t know exactly.

My concern is, the people live in towns and villages are also human beings, workers and have to live with food; in their work place, they need power, otherwise, no work for them and ultimately no money in their pockets and no food at their homes for them.

Do the Chennai or City people only have life and the people who live in other than Chennai not to be cared ? I don’t know what logic lies behind this.

Many have lost their jobs in small towns and to search for job, they are migrating to Chennai today. The procession already started in a big way and It is not a healthy sign. Where is job for all these in Chennai ?

Please consider the places in Tamil Nadu other than Chennai also. For the people in Chennai and other big cities should know what is the real condition in other places in Tamil Nadu. These City based people should not consume or waste this much power, it is my sincere feeling. The Government should come forward to educate them or supply only a limited power to them. In these worst conditions, the marriage halls and other important places should be restricted to use this much power; the Corporate Houses can be instructed accordingly. When entire villages and towns are in dark, why there should be 100% street lights in big cities ? We must rise to the occasion. Someone should bell the cat.

I hope this bad power problem may be over within a year. But, up to that, let everyone should share the burden; why should the villages and towns only suffer ? I see many hospitals in these towns suffer without power and how much the patients suffer due to it.

Last month, it was a very good for us in Krishnagiri, there was NO power cut at all for 24 hours, it may be difficult for you to believe it. But, it is true. Our Tamil Nadu Governor was here in our small town to attend a function.

I am quite happy our CM has taken a right step towards this power cut problem. How much sunshine we waste daily, especially ours is a tropical country. We can do wonders with the heat of Sun. Our CM has taken all steps to implement the Solar System in Tamil Nadu. The Initial cost may be highe but it is only a permanent solution.

Let us start working on it today itself. Let us follow Gujarat in this very model.


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