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Monday, 1 October 2012

Today is Gandhi Jayanthi, Mahatma Gandhi’s birth day.

It is a public holiday in our country. Exactly no one knows why Gandhi’s birth day is a holiday in our country. I asked many learned people but no one is in a right position to give me a correct answer even the Govt. Officials.

What is expected by the Government of India from us on this great day ?

As far as I am concerned, we are wasting our energy without working in a day. What is in the minds of our Govt ? Instead of giving holiday, we should be asked to work extra hour in our work place and it will surely help for our country’s development. We can garland Gandhi photo and statue; we can give a talk about Him and remember Him and His great works towards our civil war during 1940s.

It is my humble feeling that it is utter nonsense to declare Holiday on this great day. It is really a high time for the people at New Delhi to take a sensible decision to treat and declare Gandhi Jayanthi is a working day at National Level.

On this Day, all the Educational Institutions should open; today’s students completely forgotten Gandhi and His principles. We are losing faith in Democracy day by day. Our children don’t know the exact meaning for Independence and who fought with whom and for what purpose. In Institutions, we should make the students to talk on Mahatma, we must remember his great services and sacrifices; It is very unfortunate of us, instead, we enjoy holiday, without working, watching movies and doing shopping. It is a national shame but, still it has become our practice ! You see in Tasmac and arrack shops, you will be shocked to see the long queues in front of them to buy whiskies and Brandi bottles just a day before Gandhi Jayanthi as these shops are on leave today.

Is this the way we honor the Father of Nation ?

Are we remembering Gandhi and his services really today ? All the children, even without bathing, I see they play on roads. Indians don’t have any shame because it is our practice.

Today, we are proud Indians, we are Gandhians and followers of Gandhian principles.



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