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No melody …. No life

We lost a good human being in P.B. Srinivas’ death; how many golden songs he has given to Tamil and Kannada cinemas; we are very much indebted to the great voice of P.B. Srinivas. To get rid of stress, I used to sing always old songs, anything in Tamil, Kannada or Hindi; I never bother about my voice, but surely, after singing his some old songs for an hour, I would become very cool and calm. On several occasions, songs of PBS helped me very much; I use to sing always his songs whether it is in Tamil or Kannada.

Indian cinema has produced two melody kings, one is Rafi in North and another one is PBS in South. Both are equally great. PBS voice is so smooth and fits for all occasions.

My favourite hotel in Chennai is Woodlands in RK Salai. They had another restaurant in the same road called Woodlands Drive-in. It was a sprawling area with hundreds of very big trees; even though it was not maintained well, still it was pleasure to visit that garden and hotel itself was a wonderful experience. Many VIPs used to come there daily. We are unfortunate, today we don’t have a place in the heart of the City today. Whenever I went there, I could see PBS was sitting in a corner of the building, eating dosa along with a cup of coffee. He was keeping more than 6 pens in different colours in his shirt pocket. I used to go to his table, start singing his songs. Without any gap, he joined with my voice.

It had happened several times; every time, it was a lovely experience for me with him. In Tamil, Manidan Enbavan Deivamagalam, Kalangalil Aval Vasanthan and in Kannada, Nee Bandu Ninthaga, Suvvi Suvvi Suvvale are all time favourites for me.

I cannot say there is no singer today in the field like PBS; I sincerely feel, it the duty of the music directors to tune such melodious songs and try with the singers. Gone are the days with the legends like Viswanathan and Ramamurthy.

Will my expectation reach someone who are really concerned ? If so, I am really lucky and we will get singers like PBS again with the blessings of PBS and Rafi.


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