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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

No one is interested in the elections in India other than politicians and their supporters. The rulers should know that Indians are losing faith in Democracy fast day by day. After all our country got Independence only 64 years ago, not 300 or 400 years.

Our rulers should try to impress the common man by his / her deeds and high thinking. This is the way to lead the youngsters in a long run. Otherwise you see today, when I have asked the students who were 17 and 18 in schools, no student showed interest to enter into politics, instead, everyone hated and blamed the politicians and political system.

Without knowing much of benefits of freedom / Independence and the struggle how much our people had in 1930s and 1940s, today’s youngsters feel that India could have been under Britishers themselves. What a pity ! Is it the one we taught to the younger generation ? Just for this, did Mahatma Gandhi work hard his best to get freedom for India ?

Why we lost interest in elections, that should be analysed. The younger generation feels that our politicians could behave little more decently in Parliament / Assemblies, when they are in power or not. They feel it is not the better way to set example for the upcoming youngsters.

It is better to have elections only once in 5 years; we must consider the following points:

Elections are held when an MLA or MP dies;

Elections are held when the Govt is toppled; Govt is topped when the rules party MLAs / MPs are changing their colours/flags/parties/positions/policies/minds, etc. etc.

Elections are held when Govt is dismissed;

Elections are held once in 5 years;

Elections are held separately for Parliament and Assemblies.

Elections are held whenever the abovementioned situation arises.

Almost every day in India, the elections are held; it is very unfortunate that there is no rule that Parliament and Assembly elections should be held in India simultaneously.

Enough is enough. Stop these elections every day in India. See, to win in an election what gimmicks candidates indulge into. With a great, hope people vote for them, but after coming to power really are the people happy ? It is a million dollar question. Even the candidate can be purchased by others easily on some occasions. Thus the people who voted for him become fools overnight. In the same way the voters are also sold by hundreds to thousands of rupees.

In most of the elections we see even 55% of the polling do not take place. Candidates arrange autos to take the voters to booths to vote. May people prefer to stay at home without going to polling booth. In some cases, either their names will not be there in the list or someone would have franchised their vote already. There should be a mandatory that in every election, at least 95% of the eligible voters should have voted, otherwise, the Chief Election Commissioner should not announce the results and see maximum number of people should vote. If the people have not voted, their names should be taken out from the Ration Card or some kind of punishment must be there.

Reforms should take place in Indian Constitution in this regard. It is the need of the hour. Otherwise absolutely there is no meaning for the Elections, Freedom and Democracy.


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