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Monday, 6 August 2012

You might have read that Dr. APJ Kalam's words saying that India will become a Super Power in 2020. What a great news for all the Indians wherever they live.

Sametime, another medical bulletin says that Obesity will be killer disease in India in 2020 !

What a tragedy it is.

Today's children don't have time to play. The schools concentrate only on education, memorized education, high marks and ranks. It is very very unfortunate that parents also prefer such schools. They don't allow students to play in school even once in a week.

Result ? The students are under pressure and go in a wrong way, naturally. Just because of educational pressure, students commit suicide in our country and it is increasing day by day. This is not real education we give. Playing also an important one in student's life.

The parents should note it and insist the school authorities to allow their wards to have one PT period daily.

It is not wrong if the children get one period to play daily. Surely the children will be more active and their academic performance also would have improved. What a student needs, you give them, then you see the result ! It will be a wonderful one.

Whatever you have in your life, you cannot enjoy if you don't have good health. Someone, sometime ago said to someone "health is wealth".

Dear parents, please take care of your children's health. This is my real concern and I request you from my heart. Talk to your children as a good friend. At least have a dinner with your children daily. The children who grow in this kind of families will never go in a wrong way. Don't think only education can bring everything to us / our children, especially in today's world.


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