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We are all a part of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" - the entire world is one big family. We constantly endeavor to contribute to the world everything it needs to prosper, flourish and rejuvenate.

We believe the best way to do that is by empowering and nourishing the younger and the older generation of our society.

Our string of services and products are aimed at building an amazing world of possibilities and opportunities.

Sanath Kumar C. D. (05-FEB 1952) is an Indian educationist, author and philosopher. He was raised in a town called Krishnagiri in India. His disability left him unable to receive school education and experience life like any other child. He was home-schooled to some extent then he self-taught himself skills like typewriting, playing guitar, sketching and also graduated secondary school education on his own in his teens. During his childhood, he developed an ambition to start an “inclusive” school for the needy and he also wanted to build a wonderful haven for senior citizens.

He now is the founder of a novel line of educational institutions called Cambridge Schools in Krishnagiri district (3 schools), where children learn stress-free education, focusing on contributing to the society through a purposeful and happy life. 

He is running a charitable home for senior citizens where he has designed an exciting life for retired people where they actively involve in teaching, farming, managing small industries among other things.  

A Biopic of Mr. Sanath Kumar was directed by film director Vasanth Sai and it won the National Award for the Best Short Documentary of the year 2017.



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Krishnagiri & Kaveripattinam

​‘Cambridge School’ emerged in Krishnagiri in 1989 – with 46 students and 2 teachers in a rented house. This school was named after Cambridge University. There are three Cambridge Schools – 2 in Krishnagiri and another in a remote village near Kaveripattinam.

Senior's Care

Anandamayee, Kundarapalli

​Mr. Sanath Kumar is also running Anandamayee senior citizens community since 2018, where seniors are living with nature, with an active lifestyle like schooling the nearby underprivileged children, coaching them for exams, while facilitating free medical facilities in their campus for people from the surrounding villages, growing and selling organic vegetables.

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Organic Farming


​Mr. Sanathkumar believes agriculture is the backbone of our country and it should be celebrated as our culture. A part of the school is dedicated to organic farming in neat & organized blocks, where students from the age of 10-18 learn to sow, care and harvest in their slotted hours. They grow vegetables, herbs and certain other local crops, depending on seasons and soil fertility. The harvest is sold in the school and the sale and the income is managed by students, where they learn to invest the money in seeds, or equipment.

Village Adoption

Vattugampatti & Thalavapalli

In rural India, people living in remote villages still  find it very difficult to send their children to school for better education as they do not have access to proper roads and conveyance and have no financial support.  One such small village is Vattugamapatti where agriculture is their main source of income. As most of them are poor, they are unable to send their children to schools; and they are also unaware of the value of education. We decided to adopt this village, which is 7 km away from our School and are able to provide good education and lifestyle to them. 

Social Service

Clean & Green Drive, Relief materials for flood victims, etc 

A team of volunteers have been involved in several large scale social services like sending food & other supplies worth lakhs of rupees to flooded regions; and cleaning drive in the local community, planting saplings, providing essentials to people of no income in the COVID lockdown period.

Art Gallery

A sneak peak of his paintings

​Mr. Sanathkumar has been a freestyle artist from a very young age. His expertise ranges from Impressionism to Abstract art. Not just bound to paintings, he also does sketches and illustrations. Some of his recent art works are shared here.

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H-68, 2nd Phase, TNHB, Krishnagiri - 635001, Tamil Nadu, India 

Email: | Tel: 9443207061

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